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All templates are easily customized with your information and can be printed on your home or office printer using standard 8 1/2" x 11" letter size stock. Our templates make it a snap to change colors, fonts and your own graphics or photos. Publisher, Corel Draw and InDesign templates will be available soon.

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A Great Marketing Tool



Brochures are an integral part of the marketing strategy for every business and are a branding tool that tells a story about your business. There are many different sizes and types, the most common are 8 1/2" x 11" and 11" x 17". Brochures can be folded several different ways including half-fold, which folds to open like a book, tri-fold, which the left and right flaps open to reveal your information inside, and z-fold in which the paper opens like an accordion.

Most brochures are printed in more than one color and full color brochures are more affordable than ever. The more colors you use, the more impact you will have on the reader.

When designing your brochure, you should create a piece that compliments your on hand marketing resources such business cards and letterhead if possible. The copy should engage the reader. Use the brochure panels to help arrange your subject matter and pull the reader through the information. Make them feel like they have taken part in something by reading your brochure. Be sure to use the right paper for the job at hand. The heavier the weight, coating and feel, the more professional the look of the brochure.


Available Templates

Click on a thumbnail below to open the download page and view a larger graphic of the brochure. You can also use the links under the main menu to open, view and download the template(s) of choice.

 Available Brochure Templates



Tips for Creating Your Brochure

  • Always give your reader 3 ways to take action (phone, email & website at the very least).

  • Don't overpower the reader with too much wording. Use photos, data graphics and illustrations to make brochures more striking and fascinating to the reader. 

  • Select or design graphics that visually harmonize with each other and the style of type used.

  • Images communicate more professionalism and people have a propensity to remember the messaging in color.

  • Use subheads to break up copy.

  • Break up long segments of copy with headlines, subheads and short "bulleted" points. Consider an outline format.

  • Give a guarantee. Nothing is more comforting than a 100% guarantee.

  • Use photos, data graphics and illustrations to make brochures more eye-catching and appealing to the reader.

  • Select or design graphics that visually match up with each other and the style of type used.

  • Proofread the brochure by reading it out loud.

  • List associations you belong to. 

  • Include any awards or press coverage you have received.

  • Provide the necessary contact points. 

  • Include testimonials - they're a great integrity builder.

  • Describe your benefits and features in a constructive tone, readable and understandable at a glance.

  • Use no more than 3 different font types.

  • Don't be afraid of using white space.

  • Stay away from cliches and "buzz words." They can be unclear to some readers and a turn-off to others.

  • Support your product and positions.

  • Create a distinctive image and feel.

  • Have a clear call to action.